NTFP-EP has a long experience in promoting the rights of the people in the utilization of the none-timber forest products. In Cambodia, some of the main organization expertise include the promotion of tenure rights, partnership for the protection of forestry and fishery, and NTFP-based livelihood.

Tenure rights of the people regardless their ethnicity has been one of NTFP-EP working themes. This has been under the form of engaging in protesting for people ownership of their living landscape; for instance, the advocacy for the establishment of community forestry and fishery, the community eco-tourism and the community social enterprises. Apart from the traditional land tenure, the perceived novel legal framework of land tenure has been part of the organization elements to attain tenure rights.

Partnership with the like-minded institutions to reach its vision has not just been a mean but a principle and thereby the expertise. Partnership is three dimensional: partnership with the government, partnership with CSO and partnership with the people. Partnership here does not mean that NTFP-EP agree entirely with what the partners do but agree to disagree and find way to work together to reach of the goal of NR protection.

The final expertise NTFP-EP has been certified for is the NTFP-based livelihood. People-led enterprises on, for instance, wild honey, bamboo, fermented fishes and fish source have been operating at the village level with benefit being returned to the natural protection.